Managing Health & Safety: The Basics

Sensible Risk Assessment

Supporting Staff Attendance

This module provides support in managing absence from work (sometimes referred to as absence management).

It is targeted at anyone with people management responsibilities within organisations operating in Scotland and should take 45mins to an hour to complete.

The module highlights some of the benefits of actively managing attendance including support for staff with long-term health conditions, good practise to be adopted and a variety of valuable resources to help you implement these. You will also find out about further support available through Healthy Working Lives and elsewhere

Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace (eLearning course)

Increasingly workplaces are recognising the impact that drugs and alcohol can have on their business. This includes the harm to employees, lost productivity, absenteeism, accidents and injuries as well as wider societal effect. Taking action to reduce alcohol related harm makes good business sense.

This course is for anyone that wants to learn more about drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

It can also be completed as a blended course for managers.

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Alcohol and Drugs Workshop - T4T Pre-Course Learning

This learning area is open to participants of the Alcohol and Drugs Training for Trainers Course. This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver 'An Intro to Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace' in their business or organisation.  

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Driving Risks at Work

The Driving Risks at Work eLearning course is based on a toolkit developed by SCoRSA. It provides you with a range of information and guidance on driving at work.

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Healthy Working Lives - Public File Repository

This learning area provides companies with access to the files to each of our eLearning courses. If you have a SCORM compliant eLearning platform you can host these courses on your internal system.

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Health Risks at Work

MHW Trainer Network Area

This Network area is for companies delivering the Mentally Healthy Workplace Training in their organisation.

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Mentally Healthy Workplace Training (eLearning course)

This training has been developed to increase your awareness of mental health in the workplace. It can also be completed as part of a blended learning course for managers. This blended course is recognised for the Mentally Healthy Line Manager Training criteria of the Healthy Working Lives award programme.

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MHW T4T Pre-course Learning

This learning area is for participants of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Training T4T courses.

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Violence and Aggression in the Workplace (eLearning course)

The Violence and Aggression in the Workplace eLearning course is designed to provide you with information and advice on the topic. For more information please contact