Health inequalities: awareness

This module is suitable for anyone who plans or delivers services to the public.  If you work in health and social care, please access our Tackling Health Inequalities within Health and Social Care module.

Making communication even better - learning hub

This learning hub will support you to respond effectively and eliminate barriers when encountering people with communication support needs (CSNs).

British Sign Language (BSL) and Tactile BSL

This module aims to develop awareness of British Sign Language (BSL) and to share good practice in communicating with people who use BSL to improve experience of services.

Tackling health inequalities within health & social care

This module is suitable for staff from all sectors of the health & social care workforce who can impact on health inequalities (this can include health, local authority, independent and voluntary sector and volunteers.)

The link between health literacy and health inequalities

This course helps to deliver the national health literacy plan by encouraging individuals and organisations to be mindful of health literacy.