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      This module aims to raise your awareness of child poverty in Scotland and how poverty can impact on children and young people’s health and wellbeing. 

      The module will look at causes of child poverty, how it is measured and you will spend time considering your role in tackling child poverty.

      This module will provide learning support on child poverty for health visitors and midwives – through both undergraduate programmes in higher education institutions and continuing professional development in Scotland – and support them to consider their role in helping to assist children and their families who are living in poverty and affected by austerity.

      In addition, this resource will be particularly relevant to individuals working across health, social care, education, the public sector and people who are in contact with children at work.

      The module has been produced through partnership working and stakeholder engagement, and was overseen by a steering group consisting of a range of partners from the health and third sector to shape the content.  

      Click on the link below to access the module.

      Child Poverty Health and Wellbeing