Weekly outline

  • Leadership on Health Inequalities

    The leadership on health inequalities learning hub provides a high-level overview of what causes health inequalities and covers the key parts of a leader’s role.  The resource is primary aimed at NHS non-executive board members to support the development of leadership skills to address health inequalities. The hub will also be of value to executives and those in senior leadership roles across public services.

    Each section provides practical examples in an audio-visual format of projects from across Scotland that support leadership development on tackling health inequalities.  The hub is designed so that you can dip in and out of the sections that may be of interest to you rather than work through the hub in any particular order.

    The overview section is a great place to start for those who are unfamiliar with health inequalities.  It will give you a brief background to the suite of resources, an introduction to health inequalities and some context on the areas you will find in the hub.

    In the learning hub, you are encouraged to consider your role in tackling health inequalities:

    • Action points will help you identify what you can do differently to lead on this agenda
    • Reflection points will encourage you to think about how to apply the learning from case studies to your own job role.
  • Learning Hub


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    Before you start

    Think about what you can do to put yourself in a productive state for learning.  How can you make sure you are:

    • Alert?
    • Focussed?
    • Open?

    Spend a reasonable amount of time on the reflective questions, you may want to come back to these if you need more time.

    Sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet area away from distractions.

    Remember to take regular breaks.

    If you require further support contact NHS Health Scotland's VLE Helpdesk at hselearningqueries@nhs.net


    Each section of the learning resource opens in a new window when you click on your chosen thumbnail below. Please disable pop-up blockers to access the module.

    For the best learner experience we recommend:

    • Using Chrome or Firefox to access the learning hub.
    • If using Internet Explorer, please use Microsoft Edge is the new and improved web browser for Windows 10.
    • Trying to access the hub from a PC rather than a virtual private network (VPN).
    • Using a cabled connection if using a wireless device.

    By following the above steps it will help to minimise any technical difficulties you may experience.

    Video content is hosted on YouTube. Please note to make the videos full screen you can click the option within the embedded player or double click on the video.

    Clicking on the hyperlink to a transcript of the video results in a download of that document, which you will see in an icon at the lower left of your screen.


    To navigate each section, there are a number of options:

    • Clicking the ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons located in the top right of the screen
    • Clicking the sub-section menu on the right of the section screen

    To return to the first page click the home button, from where you can use the links to elsewhere in the module.

    • Learning Objectives

      The learning hub will cover the following learning objectives: 

      Raising awareness of health inequalities

      • Reflect on health inequalities evidence from Health Scotland
      • Consider your own role in leading on health inequalities agenda.

      Identify actions that you can take in your leadership role

      • Examine examples of projects that reflect executive/non-executive roles to develop leadership skills to address health inequalities
      • Consider approaches that may mitigate effects and improve health outcomes

      Case studies that exemplify leading on health inequalities agenda

      • Explore and examine approaches that demonstrate leadership skills on health inequalities from an NHS and health and social care perspective.
      • Reflect on your own role in applying these skills

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      • Evaluation

        Please take a few minutes to tell us what you thought of the learning hub and provide some feedback.