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  • Healthy Working Lives

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    Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace
    This module will aim to increase knowledge of the learners regarding good practice and effective management within the workplace of drug and alcohol issues.
    Safety and Health

    Managing Safety and Health: The Basics
    This module provides you with health and safety basic knowledge and information to assist you in ensuring you meet current health and safety laws.
    Mentally Healthy workplaces

    Mentally Healthy Workplaces
    This training is for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health in the workplace.
    Workplace aggression

    Violence and Aggression in the Workplace
    This module is intended for those with responsibility for managing people's health and safety in the workplace and should be to use to employers and those with management responsibilities in businesses and charitable/voluntary organisations.

    Driving Risks at Work
    This course is for employees and employers alike, to raise awareness of the risks to a business, its employees and members of the public caused by the use of vehicles on our roads.
    Risk Assessment

    Sensible Risk Assessment
    This module is designed for owners, directors, managers or supervisors or anyone that have health and safety responsibilities over a group of people.
    Staff Attendance

    Supporting Staff Attendance 
    This module provides support in managing absence from work (sometimes referred to as absence management).
    Healthy Work

    Improving Workplace Health Suite
    The Improving Workplace Health course has been designed to broaden your understanding in key related areas, such as health and safety, occupational health and wellbeing. The course is formed of 8 online modules.
    Health Risks at Work

    Health Risks at Work
    This module covers some of the health risks that you could find at your workplace and how to manage them. It deals with risks to breathing, skin, touch, hearing, muscle bones and joints and wellbeing.
    Stress and the Workplace

    Stress and the Workplace
    This course is for anyone who wants to understand the relationship between pressure and stress and how this can impact on wellbeing.